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Welcome to the official website of Joe Warren and JW Motorsports; the home of the #11 dirt late model. The car is a 2011 Rocket; powered by a S374W Ford 374 c.i 540 HP crate motor and regularly competes at Delaware International Speedway. Please take a few minutes to check out our sponsors at the bottom of this page. They are very important to our race team and we would appreciate it if you would keep them in mind if you can use their services. 

Well, opening night did not go quite the way I pictured it going. I was very excited to test the new S374W Ford crate motor with aluminum block. However, significant contact to my nose in the heat race caused me to scramble to be just be able to run the feature. I would have to start near the rear of the pack and ride around to collect a tenth place finish. It was not the night I was looking forward to, for sure. I did get the car back together this week and am looking forward to rebound with a better night this Sat. night at the Delaware International Speedway. Hope to see you there!

Less than a month, and engines will be roaring around the local tracks. I've got the car together and just need to get get in wrapped and get the motor back from Ford. I put the new AR Bodies dirt late model nose on this past weekend and have to say it looks pretty trick. It should put down lots of down force and am looking forward to it improving my program. 
Tentatively, I'm looking at starting the season at Winchester Speedway on April 4th, then Test n Tune at DIS the following weekend, and the season kicks off on April the 11th. Hope to see you soon!

The off season is starting to pick up. The banquet is in the books and I ended up fifth in points and picked up the rookie of the year award in the super late model division. I am pretty proud of that considering I was down about 300 horsepower to the front runners running that stout Ford S374W crate motor. We all had a great time at the banquet and I think it made all of us want spring to get here sooner rather than later. 
The following weekend brought the annual AARN Motorsports show. I enjoy going to that show every year where I look at the new products and race cars for the upcoming year. I also enjoy talking to people and making new contacts. To me, it begins the next racing season. I am still in the shop maintaining the car for this coming season and getting things in order. Keep in touch as the the season approaches. See you all real soon!

The cold winter is here, but it is not slowing me down. The car has been stripped and gone over. New parts have been installed and others have been maintained. The annual banquet is this weekend at the Dover Downs casino and banquet hall. Im looking forward to celebrating everyone's accomplishments for the 2014 season and then moving ahead to the 2015 season. Before we know it, this cold weather will be gone, spring will be here, and we will be pulling into the gates once again. Keep checking back for news of what's happening for JW Motorsports in 2015!

by Charlie Brown

The point championship in the Super Late Models came down to the final race. Andrew Mullins held a 20 point advantage over Ricky Elliott at the start of the race and started behind Elliott deep in the field. Bob Geiger won his heat race and started on the pole with Joe Warren, who had won the second heat starting in second by virtue of their point averages.

 Geiger lead the first four laps before a heart stopping accident occurred on the back straight. Geiger’s left rear went flat causing him to spin in front of the pack. The cars immediately behind him shot to the bottom and made it by but a pack of cars were racing hard at the back. David Pettyjohn T-boned Geiger’s sideways car with both cars exploding into pieces. A shocked crowd watched as Pettyjohn’s car ended up atop the inside barrier with the throttle stuck open and it burst into flames. Meanwhile Geiger sat slumped in his car that had be cut totally in half.

 Rescue and wrecker crews rushed to the scene and while they were not able to extinguish the flames they were able to keep them away enough to help get Pettyjohn from the car. Workers attending Geiger feared the worst but he slowly regained consciousness and climbed from the car that was completely gone from his driver’s seat on back. Delmar Volunteer Fire Dept. arrived but it still took them several minutes to extinguish the flames that were fueled by a broken fuel line and oil running from the engine. Pettyjohn was taken to the hospital where he was treated for a bad laceration of his leg and an ankle that was broken in two places. Geiger refused to be transported and remained with his wife Debbie at the track.

 After a lengthy cleanup the race was restarted with Warren out front in the experimental Ford small block. Mullins got by Staci Warrington for second on the restart and Elliott climbed to third one lap later. The final 14 laps were all under the green with Warren taking his first win in the division. Warren had very mixed emotions in victory lane and was obviously shaken from the earlier incident. Mullins crossed the line in second with his fist pumping out the window of the car as he realized he had won the overall championship. Elliott would finished just 25 points back in third with Donald Lingo, Jr. fourth and Herb Tunis fifth.

Next race is the Champ show at DIS on Oct 17th and 18th. Hope to see you there to close out the 2014 season!

The Super Late Model division at DIS has integrated Ford's S374W crate motor and Chevy's CT525 crate motor with weight breaks and a softer tire compound to compete against the open motor super late models. There is a lot of work to do before the season starts, and there will be an equal amount of work to do as I attempt to figure out how to make this new package competitive with the open motors. I can say this, It's going to be a very exciting year and I am looking forward to this new challenge! For more information on Ford's race built crate S374W motor, click here and go to Ford's crate racing engine page. More information to come!

After talking with CJ Jones of Jones Racing Products,  I'm thrilled to be running a Jones Racing Products front end drive kit on my new Ford motor. I admired their products at the AARN Motorsports show in Philadelphia this past winter and know that this package will finish off this motor quite nicely. If you are interested to see what kind of front drive kits they have for you, visit JonesRacingProducts.com 


contact me: jwracer11@aol.com

A great way to end the season finale... My first "super late model " win with the small block Ford S374W crate motor. 

With the S374W test engine under the hood, I was able to manage a 5th place finish and Rookie of the Year honors!
The new AR Bodies dirt late model Ultimate Downforce nose is installed!  
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